Pet Photo Guide

Some tips for getting the best results

If possible, take a new photo specifically for your portrait.

Tempt your pet with treats to help them remain still during the photoshoot.

Before uploading the photo, zoom in to confirm that it's sharp and not fuzzy.

Try to match the positions present in the photo guide.

  • For better portraits, take a sharp photo in neutral light and avoid direct sunlight, which can cause harsh shadows. Blurry photos are difficult for designers to work with.

  • Upload a close-up photo of your pet's face as a full picture isn't necessary. Distant photos can be blurry when zoomed, obscuring your pet's features.

  • For the best results, take photos of your pet at eye level. Top-down photos can distort your pet's proportions and body shape.

  • Avoid taking photos of your pet in awkward angles, such as lying down or looking over their shoulder, as these are usually unsuitable.

  • Avoid photographing your pet when they are sleepy, hyperactive, or have their mouth open. Ensure your pet is calm and in a receptive mood for the best results.

  • Ensure that the light source is not behind your pet, as this will cast them in shadow. Instead, make sure your pet is facing the light source.

Points to remember

  • Photo's at your eye level work best.
  • Photos without filters are preferred.
  • Take the photo in natural daylight and don't use flash.
  • Needs to include their head in full with no ears cropped off.
  • Try to get you pet to sit or stay still- make sure there is no blur.
  • Mobile phone pictures work great. You don't need a professional picture.
  • Please note that the angle of your pet's face will not be changed and
    kept the same in the final artwork.

Please Note

We strive to produce an exceptional artwork for you. Our designers meticulously review every photo submission, and if necessary, we may request an alternative image to achieve the best result. While this process may cause some delay, it ensures the final artwork meets our standards. Please note that if you refuse to provide a new photo after we have informed you that the original photo may not result in the best quality artwork, then we cannot refund you. It's your responsibility to ensure that you are happy with the photo you provide. Once you have finalized your photo selection, we cannot modify it during the design stage. Kindly note that our unlimited revisions policy does not cover photo changes.